Central AC systems are amongst the most common HVAC systems around. However, in a home where family members have different preferences, traditional central AC may not be the best idea. So, how can we keep everyone comfortable, but still save money on energy bills? Multi-zone systems can provide a solution that will keep everyone comfortable.

Make comfort control easy with Zoning

A zoning system divideds homes into separate “zones” that allow family members to customize the air temperature in their zone. This way the environment for each member stay exactly how they like it without the need to constantly be changing a single central ac thermostat. Zone controls manage dampers within the ductwork of your home’s central ac system. The system constantly measures to check if the temperature of their specific zones are within their allotted range.

Zoning delivers on every level

Have you ever walked into an overly hot room? Or a really cold one? Zoning can help alleviate this problem by warming up cold rooms or cooling hot ones without cooling the rest of your home or building. This allows you to maximize efficiency and reduce energy waste. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, zoning can deliver energy savings of up to 35 percent when used with a programmable thermostat.

The ideal solution for multiple home-comfort issues

A zoning system not only keeps your family members happy and comfortable, it can also be the perfect heating and cooling solution if you have:

  • Large windows, vaulted ceilings and glass-enclosed patio rooms
  • Uneven home temperatures
  • Rooms you seldom use
  • Rooms that feel stuffy and would benefit from constant air movement
  • A room that was added after your heating and cooling system was installed
  • A home office containing heat-producing electronic equipment
  • Noticeable hot or cold spots in your home
  • and if you have rooms that may not be used often.

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