prepare for spring cleaning
In Florida we rely heavily on our air conditioners during the spring and summer months. Without A/C your home can become very warm and humid, resulting in poor indoor air quality- not to mention a very uncomfortable home. As you begin your spring cleaning checklist, don’t fail to perform the proper service on your AC unit.

How You Can Prepare This Spring

With some preventative care you can avoid a summer emergency call. Some basic maintenance can go a long way to keep your air conditioning system running efficiently. As we mentioned in our Facebook post, changing your air filter every 1-2 months is crucial to maintaining efficient air flow through your system. Dirty air filters can also result in poor air flow. This reduces the amount of air going into your air conditioning unit and therefore increases your energy bills. Cleaning out any drainage holes or pipes can also increase the life of your unit. This also prevents any backups into your system.


You can also clean your fan blades which can reduce the amount of dust that could potentially end up in your air filter. Wiping down and cleaning your air vents will help air flow into your rooms without any obstructions. This will also prevent you and your family from breathing in dust accumulated on your vents.


The closer your indoor temperature is to the outdoors, the less you will be spending in energy bills. Keep this in mind when you are setting the temperature in your home. Having a fan on while in the room can allow you to raise the thermostat 4 degrees higher than you normally would. Fans do not cool your house as a whole, but do help in making the room feel cooler. However, make sure to turn off any fans after you leave a room for long periods of time.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats can help in reducing your energy costs at home. These programmable thermostats, allow you to set the temperature at home at the times when you are home. They also allow you to set the temperature for the times when you are not home. If you do not have a programmable thermostat, take a look at some of the great Lennox thermostats that we offer. For more information about smart thermostats, you can look at our previous post explaining some of the benefits of owning a programmable thermostat.


Another way to decrease energy costs is by using a zoning system. The iHarmony zoning system allows to split your home’s air conditioning into sections that each have their own control. For families with members that differ on air temperature preference, this can be an ideal solution.

So as you prepare for spring, don’t neglect your AC system. If you would like us to service your air conditioning system, please feel free to call us and schedule a maintenance service. We are more than happy to help!

Spring AC Maintenance